Pickerr for Online Dating Apps

The perfect online dating photos for your profile may already be in your camera roll. You just need to know how to choose the right ones. Pickerr allows you to eliminate the guesswork by testing your photos with real, unbiased people.

How are you picking your dating profile photos?
Wondering how to choose the perfect photos for your dating profile? We’ve got you covered. Simply upload your photos and start getting feedback from real, unbiased people. The test results are private and are only visible to you. You control when your photos are visible and who can see them.
Stop Guessing and Start Testing
Upload your photos and get feedback from real, unbiased people. You can then use the photos that get the highest score on dating apps such as Tinder and Bumble, and you’ll likely see a significant increase in both the number of matches and their quality.
Multiple Test Modes
Pickerr offers two main test modes: you can have a single photo rated using a five-star rating system, or test two photos side-by-side and ask people to vote on the best one. You can also try one of the Premium test modes, such as Guess My Age, which lets people guess how old you look in a photo.
Single photo testing
People vote on your photo using a five-star rating system and give you comments and suggestions.
Side-by-side testing
Upload two photos and let people vote on the better photo of the two.
It's 100% Free
You’ll get votes on your photos as long as you vote on other people’s photos. Every time you vote or comment on someone else’s photo, you earn Karma points. The more Karma you earn, the more votes you can expect to receive on your photos. As your photos collect votes, your Karma gets used up, but you can vote again to raise it.
Target Your Voters
You control who can vote on your photos. Select the gender and the age range of the voters.
Test Different Traits
Pickerr lets you test different traits. For example, you can ask people to help you choose the photo where you look more attractive, or smarter, or more adventurous.